What Makes Karney Distinct

Family Values

We are run by independent professionals with family oversight.

We strive to make our office an enjoyable and rewarding place to work.

Integrity and long-term relationships are core elements of our corporate culture.

Long-Term Perspective & Commitments

We care about long-term value and success, rather than quarterly results or short-term performance.

We are generational investors and hold most properties for decades.

Extraordinary Locations

We have unique properties in prime infill locations acquired and built over 70 years.

Large Land Assemblages with an Eye to the Future

We control several large land sites in Los Angeles and Orange Counties that are expected to be developed to higher and more productive uses in the future.

Our next generations will have exciting development opportunities as these areas evolve.

Tenant Focused

We care about our tenants and their success.

We have nurtured relationships with Southern California businesses for decades, accommodating growth and change through economic cycles.

We strive to be good partners.

Community Engagement

We participate in the communities in which our assets are located.

We are long-term community members.

We work to maintain vibrancy and community stability, both in the short and long terms.

The firm’s principals and executives are actively engaged in non-profit enterprises focused on education, the arts, youth development and mentoring, health care, and general community philanthropy.

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